#TravelTime: Travelling to Turkey - A local's perspective

#TravelTime: Travelling to Turkey - A local's perspective

Gordon had the opportunity to visit the city of Antalya, and instead of relying on website reviews and travel guides to help him navigate his way, he met up with a local who gave him a guided tour. 

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Supplied, Gordon Graham

I recently travelled to the city of Antalya and the beach resort area of Belek, and what a journey it was! 

I got to visit the ‘Old Town’ in Antalya which is many centuries old, had dinner in a restaurant housed in a 250-year-old building, walk through the city gates dating back almost a 1000 years, and experienced the true Turkish delight, called ‘Raki’.

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From sandy beaches to forests and mountains bathed in sunlight, Turkey is a country well worth visiting. The people are friendly and have a saying that every visitor is ‘God’s guest’ which means that hospitality is part of their culture.  

Take a look at some of the pictures I captured in the gallery below:

Thankfully I wasn't alone in my travels. I met up with a local who took me around and give me insight into the gorgeous city of Turkey. 

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