#TravelTime: The importance of travel insurance

#TravelTime: The importance of travel insurance

Travel insurance is an important item that most travellers tend to overlook. Gordon explores the importance of travel insurance and much more in this week's episode of #TravelTime.

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October has arrived, and I'm sure many of you are busy planning your year end getaways.

Before deciding to jet off into the sunset, you may want to listen to this week's #TravelTime, which tackles some of the biggest travel questions on any traveller's mind. 

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So grab a cup of coffee and listen to this week's podcast which talks about the need for travel insurance when travelling internationally, and I also share my experience as to why it's so vital.

In addition to that, I went looking for nature close to Durban and found some crocodiles at Phezulu Reserve, and I have the pictures to prove it:

Listen to this week's #TravelTime below:

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