#TravelTime: Ka Ching! Places to travel more with your Rand

#TravelTime: Ka Ching! Places to travel more with your Rand

Travelling can be a costly affair, and while many of us would love to be a jet-setter, not many of us can afford it. In this week's episode of #TravelTime, Gordon talks about a few countries to visit to get a bang for your buck. 

aerial view of sri lanka pexels
Aerial view of Sri Lanka / Pexels

Due to my work, I've been privileged enough to be given the opportunity to travel to many exotic and beautiful destinations around the world. 

However, with rising costs and not to mention the constant increase in the fuel price, not many South Africans can afford to buy a plane ticket to visit an overseas destination. 

But there are a few countries around the world that us South Africans can visit, and truly feel like royalty without having to break the bank balance. 

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On this week's #TravelTime, we explore where we as South Africans can go to get the most out of our hard-earned Rands - trust me, the options will surprise you!  We find out where the best seat in economy class is, and also share a small preview to next week's trip to Turkey and the beaches of Antalya.

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