#TravelTime: Gordon talks to Damon Beard about the fear of flying

#TravelTime: Gordon talks to Damon Beard about the fear of flying

While there are many who enjoy the feeling of travelling on a plane, there are some who have a serious fear of doing just that. On this week's #TravelTime, Gordon chats to Damon Beard about an initiative that is near and dear to him. 

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We have been speaking for the past few months about the joys of travel and all the nuances that go with the journey - from visas to insurance, and what airline is the best for your big trip, but it all starts with the flight, and if you are afraid of flying it can make the journey extremely difficult.

In fact, some people just don’t want to fly at all. There are many famous people who refuse to do so. Footballer Dennis Bergkamp had a very public fear of flying, and would often drive to the match venues around Europe rather than fly. Aretha Franklin turned down many overseas performances because in her words, ‘You can’t pull over at 30,000 feet’. 

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So don’t feel alone with this fear. Our very own Damon Beard has for many years been helping people who, like him, hated the idea of flying. 

If you have a fear of flying, you may want to give this week's #TravelTime episode a listen below:

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