#TravelTime: Gordon takes us on a journey through Slovenia

#TravelTime: Gordon takes us on a journey through Slovenia

"I had the opportunity to travel to Slovenia, the greenest country on earth, and decided that I had to share my journey with you," says Gordon Graham.

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Supplied, Gordon Graham

Listen in the podcast below and find out more about this amazing, proudly green country of just two-million people, or read the details.

I travelled to Slovenia for work recently, and I must admit that I didn’t know very much about this country, apart from the fact that it is tiny in size, it doesn’t brag much, and that it was near Croatia.  

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Since then, I have discovered that it is bordered by Italy, Hungary, Austria, and Croatia. It has the most incredible coastline on the Adriatic Sea. 

The country shares the Alps with Switzerland and Austria, and in 2012, Ljubljana, the capital city, was voted the Green Capital of Europe.

See some of the pictures I captured in the gallery below:

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