KZN takes on the #JerusalemaChallenge

WATCH: KZN takes on the #JerusalemaChallenge

Danny and Tee asked and KZN came together to participate in the #JerusalemaChallenge.

Jerusalema Challenge
East Coast Radio

The ECR Top 40 Team got South Africa together to do the #JerusalemaChallenge. Danny has done many projects in his life, but this one has to be one of his favourites! 

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The 'Jerusalema Challenge', created by South Africa’s very own Master KG, continues to take the world by storm. In case you didn't know, 'Jerusalema' is a hit song produced by Limpopo-born musician and record producer Master KG, featuring local vocalist Nomcebo Zikode.

This video will make you smile from start to finish. The messages attached to these videos that were sent to the team were the best part. 

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We received videos from health-care workers, families, corporates, and many of the participants said that that this was the first time in months that they have smiled and had fun. Even if this challenge took their minds off this year for 10 minutes, it is what they needed. Let this video do the same for you. 

Thank you to everyone who sent in their videos. We are humbled. 

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