Listen: 'Brooke Logan' talks childhood, clothing range, and speaks Zulu

Listen: 'Brooke Logan' talks childhood, clothing range, and speaks Zulu

One of the most popular TV actresses of all time, Katherine Kelly Lang, sat down with Danny Guselli for a tell-all interview. 

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Listen to Danny's interview with 'Brooke Logan', or read the details under the podcast.

When I first heard that the famous 'Brooke Logan' was in South Africa, I knew that I had to make a plan to get an interview with her. After jumping through a few hoops, it was arranged... and I was amped! 

In case you're not familiar with her, Katherine Kelly Lang stole our hearts when she was blasted across our TV screens on the popular TV show, 'The Bold and The Beautiful'.

She played the part of 'Brooke Logan' since the show debuted back in 1987. She is well-known on the show for having many love affairs, marrying Eric twice, and Ridge over seven times. 

Lang touched down in SA on August 27th, and will be attending meet-and-greets across the country. She will also be competing in the Ironman Championships in Port Elizabeth.

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It really was so incredible to interview Katherine. She is so down to earth and inspiring. I watched her from the age of seven, so talking to her felt surreal. 

What an amazing woman, and such a dream come true. Definitely one of the most notable interviews in my radio career. 

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