Ed Sheeran explains how he almost accidentally killed Elton John

Ed Sheeran explains how he almost accidentally killed Elton John

Ed Sheeran told Apple Music's Zane Lowe how he almost killed Elton John recently on the set of his 'Merry Christmas' music video.

Elton John and Ed Sheeran
Elton John and Ed Sheeran/ YouTube screenshot

Ed Sheeran and Elton John just released their hit single, 'Merry Christmas’. 

The music video for the song was released on Friday, 3 December, and has been trending on YouTube. 

It currently has over 16-million views.

What most people do not know is that during the recording, an accident happened that could have taken the life of Elton John. 

Explaining to Apple Music, Sheeran explained that he threw a bell that went past Elton's head.

"We just shot a Christmas music video. Oh, mate. I almost killed him with a bell," Sheeran told Zane Lowe. 

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"On the video, there's footage of... I'm dressed up as sort of sexy Santa Claus and I kick a present, but the present had a big metal bell on top of it," said Sheeran  

"I showed him the footage of it today, because we slowed it down and the bell flew past his head and would've cracked him in the head," he added. 

The 'Bad Habits' hitmaker says it was horrific for him to watch the bell flying past Elton John's head. 

"Oh my God, the horror that went through my body when it was flying through the air," he added.

Watch the short clip below:

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