LISTEN: Danny chats to rising star Joss Austin on the #ECRTop40!

LISTEN: Danny chats to rising star Joss Austin on the #ECRTop40!

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Danny and Jonas chat about his collab with Why Don't We and how that came about, the meaning of his new song, his weird sleeping habit, TikTok and how he looks for big talent to put on his songs. they also laughed about the message he sent to Shawn Mendes, the weirdest thing a fan has done to him, and so much more! 

Listen to the full interview below from 05 February at 11:30:


Danny and Calum Scott relive his Britain's Got Talent moment where Simon Cowell was harsh to his sister and if he ever got the chance to sit down and confront Simon about it.

After a massive year, they spoke about his latest Spotify numbers and how to remain humble and grounded with success.

The conversation got really deep as Danny took him back in time to a place where he was abandoned and shunned by his best mates because he was gay. Did those friends ever apologise about it?

Did any of those mates had contacted him to apologise or to talk about it?

Take a listen to the interview below as they open up about more, including his latest single,’ Rise’.

Released in October, “Rise” finds Calum bringing his warm yet powerful vocals to a majestic sound 

'‘Rise' celebrates overcoming, defeating the odds, and prevailing despite the obstacles or the knock-backs you face along the way,” says Calum. 

“We’ve all faced it during our lifetimes: feeling demotivated or uninspired, feeling like life is out to get you, that it’s easier to stay on the ground when life throws its punches. I wanted to write a song that would empower people to chase down their dreams and to try to embrace life, no matter what they are going through or what their circumstances are. We all have the opportunity to do it our way, to put our best foot forward and to rise.”

Watch the beautiful music video for 'Rise' below...

Earlier this month, Calum delivered a breathtakingly joyful performance of “Rise” on “The Late Late Show With James Corden” — go HERE to watch. You can also check out his performance of “Rise” on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” HERE. In another recent triumph, Calum threw out the ceremonial first pitch for the Red Sox at Game 4 of the American League Championship Series last month at Fenway Park. In addition, the Red Sox adopted Calum’s beloved rendition of Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own” [Tiësto Remix] as their 2021 playoff anthem. 


Danny and Connell spoke about a lot of things including The move from SA to America, his family, the influence his kids have on his songwriting - including the wittiest of witty responses from Danny - and they played a game designed specifically for Connell to determine which country he is better suited to! 

They open up about his future and the meaning of his new song 'Endless Possibilities'.

Listen to the full interview below:


In this interview, Danny and Dean speak about his pop up show in Belgium, what keeps him grounded, dream collab, his new song which was inspired by an ex who was with a new guy who looked like Dean, we spoke good hair, South African expressions, his current European tour, and more.
Image: Supplied by Dean Lewis

Dean Lewis/Supplied


Ziggy Alberts/Janneke Storm/Facebook

In this super cool interview, Danny and Ziggy spoke about his exceptional moustache, about how he got into music, his new song, his experience through the Australian Fire crisis, and South African words and expressions.

Image credit: Janneke Storm

Listen to the full interview below:








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