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Sirshin Moodliar and family robbed

October marks the 10 year anniversary of when Sirshin Moodliar and his family were tragically robbed in their family home. It was an ordeal that left the family mortified for years and something they have still not yet overcome.

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This is an unfortunate tale, but one that many South African’s can relate to. 10 years ago some men broke into the Moodliar household ransacking and looting anything they could get their hands on. Sirshin was in his 20’s and heard the men break in. He ran upstairs to tell his brother, who then said they should go, “Wake daddy up.”


The whole family except Sirshin’s grandmother, who was in her room fast asleep, were in the parents’ bedroom. Sirshin’s father had a personal firearm to protect everyone and fired off a warning shot to warn off the robbers. Did this work? Did they hear the shot and run away?


There aren’t any other words to say about this, rather just take a listen as Sirshin Moodliar describe the events that unfolded with absolute clarity and honesty. Listener discretion is advised. 

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