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ECR’s Sirshin Moodliar and his wife have huge argument

Trending Tonight Presenter, Sirshin Moodliar and his wife, Nalini are expecting a baby girl and they need your help naming the baby. They cannot agree on who should be allowed to name their daughter.

Sirshin Moodliar

Sirshin Moodliar has been at the station for close to 10 years and he has enjoyed spending time getting to know the beautiful province of KZN. There have been many up’s and down’s and many late night’s working the graveyard shifts. Since taking over Trending Tonight, Sirshin has grown into a world class talk-show host. He has met the President and made him tea, therefore Sirshin feels he is more than equipped to be a father.


“I am the luckiest man alive, I work at the most interesting radio station and I love my show. It’s the perfect balance between hard hitting current affairs and tomfoolery.” He says. “My main focus is to grow my audience and to turn the show into an award winning show with my producer and partner in crime, Simon Carter, we’re known as the Dubious Duo. But when the time comes I will need to switch from Radio-Sirshin to Dad-Sirshin.”


His wife Nalini Moodliar is adamant, however that she has the right to name their baby daughter which Sirsh is not too happy about. Sirshin wants to name her because he believes it’s his right. Nalini thinks otherwise and the two cannot seem to find a agreement.


We need your help. Sirshin and his wife Nalini can’t agree on a name for their baby daughter. Send us your suggestions and Sirshin and his wife will go through them all and who knows, you could be the one responsible for naming their baby girl.


Listen to the two of them argue about their right to name the girl, it’s quite cute.

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