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BREAKING: Sirshin Moodliar and wife have baby girl

Trending Tonight presenter, Sirshin Moodliar and his wife Nalini Moodliar welcomed the birth of their new baby girl this week. Take a listen.

Sirshin Moodliar

Trending Tonight producer and stand in presenter Simon Carter, took the reigns of the show on Wednesday evening after Sirshin called him to say he couldn't make it because his wife needed to go to hospital. Of course Simon was worried but Sirshin put his mind at ease and said it was just a regular visit to the hospital and there was nothing to worry about.

Simon got on with the show and carried on as if everything was okay not thinking anything of it until Sirshin messaged him at 11:30pm and said "just got home, bud...wanna give me a call..."

You  have to listen to what happens next! It will make your day!

Sirshin Baby

Take a listen as Simon breaks the news.

You're welcome to send your messages of congratulations below.

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