Man does epic trick with burning cigarette

Man does epic trick with burning cigarette

A video has been doing the rounds of a man catching a burning cigarette from across a bar.

cigarette trick

This video is totally lit! Literally!

A guy from Hamburg has come into the limelight after a video of his made its way onto social media. 

Everyone loves a good party trick, especially in the heat of the moment, and Charlie Murrell has provided us with one.

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He recently was at a friend's stag party in Hamburg when he decided to show off his amazing party trick. 

Now we are not promoting smoking, but we do want to give Charlie credit for his exceptional dexterity and for being such a good sport in performing the trick.

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The video shows a friend of Charlie’s tossing a cigarette across the bar, gliding gracefully over the many pints of drinks, and then landing in his mouth perfectly. 

He made it look too easy.

Have a look at his amazing performance below...

Do you have an awesome party trick? Share your party tricks with us.

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