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This guy puts an end to the 'stuck in traffic' excuse

This has got to be the best employee ever?!

German man swims to work
CGTN / YouTube

Every organisation needs a reliable and accountable workforce. One that doesn't give excuses, only solutions. Right?

Well, if you know of someone who is always late for work and gives endless excuses as to their tardiness, then you need to show them this.

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According to IOL, a man identified as Benjamin David from Germany swims to work across the Isar River in Munich. 

David thought it was high time he got to work on time and put an end to the lame excuses he gave his bosses every time he was late due to early morning traffic jams.  

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 Not only does this method of getting to work ensure he is there on time, but it also helps him stay healthy and fit. Two birds, one stone, and all that.

If this is not the world's best employee, we don't know who is? What is the most drastic thing you would do to get to work on time?

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