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Phat Joe chats to Donald Trump about his press conference

While many labelled US President Donald Trump’s latest press conference as insane, our very own Phat Joe spoke to the president to find out what exactly had people shocked and confused.

Donald trump press conference
NBC News / YouTube

The enigmatic Donald Trump recently held his first solo press conference (lucky speech writer), leaving attendees dumbfounded – well a little more than usual. Many called it ‘insane’, ‘crazy’ and a pure ‘attack on the press’. 

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When Trump stood at the podium he completely lost his cool. From hurling insults at the media for allegedly attempting to sabotage plans with Moscow, to exposing Americans to yet another one of his bad jokes.  

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Take a look at some of the ‘best’ moments from the Press Conference:

In an ‘exclusive interview’, Phat Joe managed to track down Donald Trump and get his side of the story. Take a listen below:

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