NEW FEATURE: The alphabeticall: G-Gog gives it a bash today!

NEW FEATURE: The Alphabeticall: G-Dog gives it a bash today!

G-Dog called a Pet supply store in KZN on Tuesday and had a massive laugh on his way through the alphabet as he ended up at the letter 'P'. 

Nobuntu Swartbooi

Listen to the podcast or read below: 

We're back with another new feature for 2020!

Read: Mags shows Bongani how the the 'Alphabeticall' game is really played

Last year Mags & Bongani tried it out and Mags got all the way up to 'Z'!. 

Here is how the game is played: 

The alphabeticall player must make a call to a person / place determined by the producer and the player needs to work through the alphabet during the call. 

The very first thing the player says to the other person must start with the letter ‘a’, the next thing must start with the letter ‘b’ then ‘c’ etc. The aim is for the other person to not suspect that something is going on and also for the alphabeticall player not to make any mistakes while working through the alphabet. 

If you'd like to give it a try, SMS 'Alphabet' to 33116 at the cost of R1,50.

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