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Model loses sight after crying purple tears!

Imagine losing your sight just because you thought inking your eye ball would be cool?!

Catt Gallinger
Catt Gallinger / Facebook

A lot of people find tattoos cool, and in most cases people get tattoos to serve as reminders of special moments and people in their lives. However, the images below show how the only reminder a model will be left with is that she once was able to see with both her eyes. 

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We can all agree the trends are cool, but some trends just have to be ignored. Like this new trend of people tattooing their eyeballs. 

According to Metro, a model identified as Catt Gallinger from Canada thought it would be a good idea to ink her eye ball so that she would feel more at home in her body, whatever that means. 

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However, she later learned that her eyeballs were made white for a reason, as she cried purple tears after inking her eyeballs purple. She didn't only cry in colour, she is also now blind in one eye.


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