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Japanese company now offers 'drive thru' funeral service

Thinking out of the box is one thing, but this might be taking it a bit too far, don't you think?

Funeral Drive-thru -Japan

Japan is infamous for its innovations, but one company is offering a service that is taking said innovation to a whole new level.

This comes after a Japanese funeral parlour launched a 'drive thru' funeral service. The company will be offering relatives the chance to pay their final respects to deceased loved ones without leaving their cars. The only thing they will be required to do is roll down their window and from a distance bid farewell to their loved ones.

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The company claims that the 'drive-thru' service is a first in Japan. The reasons for such a bizarre idea could have originated from their rapidly aging population. In an effort to accommodate them, some may be reluctant to attend a funeral of their loved one because they will have to ask for help to get out the car, and assistance in walking to where the service will take place. 

The company's president, Masao Ogiwara, said that the initiative aims to speed up funeral services and also to give relatives the chance to participate by bidding their final farewell.

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However, the introduction of a 'drive thru' funeral service could see the 'tradition' of mourners kissing their deceased relatives goodbye go 'out the window'.   

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What do you think about this new 'drive thru' funeral service - innovative or just weird?

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