Happily ever after: G-Dog’s highlight of 2018

Happily ever after: G-Dog’s highlight of 2018

G-Dog finally sealed the deal earlier this year and got married to Nandi - the love of his life.

G-dog wedding
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He admits he'd been planning to propose to Nandi since the end of 2016 and started the long search for a suitable wedding ring for his bride-to-be at the beginning of the year in 2017. 

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After a considerable amount of research, and some good networking, he sourced a gorgeous diamond and then got a ring designed.

How romantic?!

And, of course, on top of this beautiful life-changing event, G-Dog still had to conquer another feat before walking down the aisle; where does one draw the line with extending invites to colleagues, family, and friends? 

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It's safe to say, only a few of G-Dog's colleagues cracked the nod for an invite to his wedding. No love lost, though. 

Did you also tie the knot in 2018?

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