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Black Friday deal leaves woman with potatoes instead of an iPhone!

Sadly for this woman, she got the raw end of the Black Friday deals.

iPhone scam

For most people, Black Friday means getting the best bargains and deals on everything you can possibly think of, and there is no denying that we all love things that will save us some money. 

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The following video will be a lesson to all of us that we must not be tricked into scams in the name of Black Friday. 

According to UNILAD, an unsuspecting victim was tricked into buying what she thought was an iPhone 8. Instead of getting her hands on the piece of tech, she purchased an iPhone box with a potato cut up into 11 pieces inside. To top it all off, an Android charger was included. Yes, pieces of potato and an Android charger! 

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This incident took place in Milwaukee. While some might say that this serves her right for giving money to a strange man in a van, you still have to feel a little sorry for her?

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