Video: Mission 'cat-catch-rat' hilariously goes wrong

Video: Mission 'cat-catch-rat' hilariously goes wrong

Well, that took a turn for the worse!

man tries to use cat to catch rat
Image: YouTube / Lucas Santiago

You'd think that cats are natural predators and catching rodents is their thing, but this hilarious video proves otherwise. 

A guy is seen trying to scare a rat hiding in the corner of his bathroom with a broom, and his cat is there too, we guess, to handle the rest of the mission, but things quickly turned into a freak-fest.

When the rat came out of hiding, this guy realised he made a huge mistake. His cat tries desperately to search for higher ground and he runs for the door! 

The two manage to escape the bathroom, but what happened to the rat?

Well, we hope they know that the rat owns the house now, he's the king! They may as well move out now...

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