Nurse wants R15 million for slipping on a grape

Nurse wants R15 million for slipping on a grape

Could this be a case of sour grapes? 

Australian nurse

An Australian nurse is suing Woolworths for approximately A$ 1 million after allegedly slipping on a grape. 

Charlotte Louise Bobbett, 43, allegedly slipped in December 2015 and suffered injuries to her lower back, right shoulder and right hip, which left her needing hip replacement surgery.  She also claims that her injuries and their psychological impact left her unable to complete her Bachelor of Nursing degree as she was diagnosed with an adjustment disorder and anxiety

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As a result, Bobbett is claiming for past economic loss, future economic loss and future surgical expenses including a revision total hip replacement.

Slamming the giant supermarket,  the registered nurse says Woolworths failed to to regularly inspect the fruit and vegetable department to identify hazards that posed a risk of injury to customers. She also sup also accused the store of failing to use non-slip matting on the floor of the fruit and vegetable section.   

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IMAGE CREDIT: Twitter/MSNAustralia

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