Letting agent calls tenant a 'b****'

Letting agent calls tenant a 'b****'

This real estate agent made a huge mistake that a lot of people fear making everyday!

Letting agent calls tenant a 'b****'

A 29-year-old woman was branded a 'b****' by her letting agent after she was accidentally copied into an email intended for his colleague.

Sarah Darlington made contact with her letting agent to ask for a broken burglar alarm in her flat to be fixed.

The response she got was completely unexpected!

The agent sent Sarah a message clearly intended for his co-worker. 

In the email she received included 'I'm not dealing with this 'b****' 

Super awkward! 

Has this ever happened to you? 

Have you mistakenly emailed the wrong person or replied all and it cause a lot of drama in the workplace?

Check out the email Sarah received:

Letting agent calls tenant a 'b****'

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