Khuluma Nathi: IsiZulu phrases for your beach vibes

Khuluma Nathi: IsiZulu phrases for your beach vibes

Need a very cold drink or maybe some ice-cream while on the beach? Let uThisha Sky help you with the isiZulu translation.

Khuluma Nathi with Sky Tshabalala

uThisha Sky Tshabalala has been giving you small doses of his isiZulu lessons all year round and with the summer season already in full swing, summer phrases are what he has been focusing on. 

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This December, whether it be an alcoholic beverage or one that is non-alcoholic, here's how you ask for a very cold drink in isiZulu.

Darren has become one of uThisha Sky's favourite students. He has moved from being mischievous to really taking these lessons seriously. We can't wait to hear him use the following sentence when out at the beach with Mouse or Anna Banana.

This time of the year, many South Africans flock to the beach. And when the sun is hot, with your sunscreen on, sun hat on your head and swimwear, only one thing is missing... some ice-cream. 

Learn how to express your love for ice-cream in isiZulu. This one is simple, and like mentioned, even Darren got it on his first try.


Want to learn isiZulu in bite-sizes? UThisha Sky Tshabalala has got your back with weeks and months of easy-to-learn and catchy isiZulu phrases. Listen below.

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