Funny highlights from the week with DKS

Funny highlights from the week with DKS

Sky almost fainted at the thought of a snake biting him.

Sky Tshabalala snake

We kicked the week off our birthday week on an amazing note. With elections ahead, we also shared this interesting party from the Western Cape. 

The party called CapeXit are campaigning to have the province go independent. 

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We asked KZN listeners if they would move to the "Republic of Cape Town" if Western Cape was its own country. Take a listen as people shared their thoughts on this: 

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It was also bittersweet for Sky as he was completely wrong about the Springboks' game the previous weekend. It was quite sore for him as he had to take a shot for every time they scored. You can watch the video here. 

Otherwise, Darren and Keri had a little laugh at him. Listen to this: 

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So, Snakes in the City stars, Simon Keyes and Siouxsie Gillett have returned to Durban as the season for snakes is upon us. It was a hiliarious time in the studio when they were each quizzed on the snake general knowledge. 

You don't need to guess who came out first, just listen here: 

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It was all fun and games until the team each had to dig into Siouxsie's bag of snakes. They are all terrified of snakes but nobody is as scared as Sky. Take a look as he held his breath:

We then had the entire world experience the crash of their social media platforms. Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were all not operating due to a certain technical glitch. 

Multiple conspiracies formed and Keri shared them the next morning:

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Whilst so many people speculated, we brought in Jan Vermeulen from MyBroadband, who shared what exactly took place. 

Take a listen: 

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It had generally been an amazing week leading to our birthday. We had beautiful moments yesterday when so many KZN listeners won their R10 000 which would help their families in different ways. 

We look forward to more fun weeks ahead of the end of the year.

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