Darren's Tip Jar helps out Benjamin and Johan

Darren's Tip Jar helps out Thembeni and Vicky

A videographer and a wildlife guide both get to feel a little better this morning...

Johan Pretorius
Johan Pretorius

Carol Ofori and Vic Naidoo

Thembeni, a local fashion designer in Newcastle, was nominated by her daughter, Swaphia. She has been a designer for 20 years but when COVID-19 came, everything changed for her. It has been very challenging for her, even to gather money for rent. People pay her peanuts and then she struggles to even receive payment for some of her work. 

When Carol spoke to her and shared the news that she would be getting her share from Darren's Tip Jar, she literally started screaming on the phone with excitement. She said that this would help her out so much. 

Vicky Khewal was nominated by his partner and we couldn't but help share her nomination. It was both heartfelt and so loving...

"I am nominating my partner, Vicky Khewal, not because he is my partner but because he is the most humble, courageous, strong and deserving human being I have ever known. He was mauled by 3 dogs in 2018, survived 2 major heart attacks, lost his job in 2020 due to health related reasons and never gave up. He is a car guard at the Hibiscus Beach Cafe in Ramsgate and due to the lockdown his income has been vastly affected. 

"I feel that car guards are forgotten as they are also directly affected by the fact that if there are no patrons at the restaurant, he has no income. He walks 7 km each day and sometimes only earns around R40 for the day. He is always grateful that he can at least buy bread. He is always smiling, his health is not always good but he just keeps marching. If there is anyone that deserves this boost and a reason for hope, it would be him. People think their 2 rand makes no difference, I can confirm it makes all the difference to us. Please remember car guards. They are earning an honest living."

We can't think of such a honest and humble account of someone making an honest living than this...

Darren, Keri and Sky

Passionate people are the most deserving of the fruits of their labour, especially because their work comes from a place of love. And love is such a beautiful and honest feeling. Benjamin Van Vreeden is a man who has a passion for wildlife but has been in an unfortunate situation for a while. 

His friend, Barbara Crisp, nominated the nature guide who has not earned an income in the last two years. He has worked for two companies - both far from his hometown in Pietermaritzburg - without pay from any of them. He has hopes to obtain a Public Drivers Permit that should allow him to advance in the wildlife and conservation industry. 

With his kind of passion and resilience, we had to pick him out for something from Darren's Tip Jar. 

Take a listen to how he reacted to our call: 

Another person who was able to start their morning on a light note thanks to Darren's Tip Jar and Lottoland.co.za, is Johan Pretorius. 

He is a videographer who has worked The Royal Show, Comrades Marathon, Parliamentary opening, local concerts, and outdoor events.

Pamela Pretorius nominated him because since March 2020, all these types of events have been cancelled and he has had to survive on very limited avenues of income. 

He is a father of four and his wife only works part time, as well homeschooling three of their children. Lockdown restrictions for this industry seem never ending and it is surely difficult for him and his family. 

He shares more of his challenges here: 

With Darren's Tip Jar, it is evident every day that it is important to support local businesses and artists. 

A huge applause for Darren celebrating his Decade with this initiative partnered by Lottoland.co.za

Main Image Courtesy: Johan Pretorius

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