Dad Jokes Showdown

Dad Jokes Showdown

Darren Maule and Neil Green had the ultimate Dad Jokes Showdown, and KZN had to vote for their favourite

neil and darren

Consider yourself informed, it is father’s day on Sunday. It’s probably too late to purchase something online now, but you can still find an open hardware store to buy your dad a new measuring tape. 

Neil Green and Darren Maule went head to head in a dad joke showdown. They each recorded 3 of our best dad jokes and you had the chance to vote for the best dad joke teller! 

It was a ‘like’ if you thought Darren was better and a ‘Heart’ of you thought Neil was better and the winner wins the title of being the superior Dad-Comedian. We asked KZN to judge the jokes based on originality and, of course, whether it makes you laugh or not. 

See it here: 

The results came back and Darren wins with 67% of the votes. But it didn't end there, we had a little surprise for Darren and Neil: 

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