Cleaning up KZN - one packet at a time

Cleaning up KZN - one packet at a time

South African surfer and environmentalist Josh Redman chatted to the team about the Litterboom Project which took place over the weekend.

man picking up trash on the beach

Listen to the podcast or read the details below:

The Litterboom Project (TLP), which was launched in 2017, was created as a solution to alleviating the increase in marine plastic pollution by targeting the Umgeni River system.

Over the past year, they have successfully been able to prevent 11 tons of plastic from reaching the ocean through their hard of work.

TLP's Josh Redman touched on the overwhelming support that they received during the beach clean up over the weekend.

They believe they can make an even greater difference in Durban and beyond. With the implementation of their model, they can start to deal with the rise in marine plastic pollution effectively.

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Keep up the good work, TLP!

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