A 'time traveler' reveals dates in 2021 that will change the world forever

A 'time traveler' reveals dates in 2021 that will change the world forever

Some as soon as September and some in the next few months...

Time traveler

We have truly gone through enough in the years 2020 and 2021. With COVID-19 taking over almost two years of our lives and things like the KZN unrest disrupting multiple businesses and livelihoods, we can truly say we have had enough bad news to last us the next 20 years. 

Well, it seems there is still more to come. It is not necessarily bad news, but so many different and shocking things are to take place.  This is according to a certain TikToker named Aery Yormany, who uses the handle @aesthetictimewarper. 

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In his bio he shares: "I am here to help humanity, there is a lot you need to know..."  

He further shares that he will reveal his face once he reaches one-million followers on the account. 

The 'time traveler' shared a video with dates in the near future where certain events will happen that will affect the entire world. 

Have a look:


They are coming… ##fyp ##timetraveler ##timewarper ##future ##timetravel ##fypage ##fypシ ##viral

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So it does look like people will be getting superpowers, according to Yormany. We would like to hope that if this is truly a thing, 1/3 of Darren, Keri, and Sky gets to have superpowers. 

Actually, let's all wait and see how this unfolds... 

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Main Image Courtesy: @aesthetictimewarper

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