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Petrol price hikes: Do they affect your behaviour?

With the price of petrol increasing often, are you someone who does anything differently to try and save petrol - and ultimately your money?

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Another day and another petrol price hike. On Monday, the Newswatch team reported that fuel is set to increase in May by around 41 cents a litre for petrol, and diesel could cost more than 48 cents a litre. It is reported that due to the tensions in Syria, the price has been pushed up.

For most of us, that’s just a bit too complicated to understand. All that matters is that we’ve already been through a bit of a rough patch with increases in VAT, fuel, and even tolls. Now we’re going to be stung again with a fuel increase. Ouch! 

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In an effort to help you stretch your Rand (and fuel) even further, here are my five tips to help save on petrol:

  • Don't drive aggressively on highways.
  • Your personal car should be used for you and your family. If transporting friends, they should compensate you for the cost to fill up.
  • Don't use the aircon if you don't have to - rather open your windows and enjoy the fresh breeze.
  • Stay within the speed limit, please. The more you rev your car and accelerate, the more fuel you're using.
  • Drive on a high gear rather than a low one. 

What do you when the price of fuel goes up? Do you make any changes to your routine? 

We have managed to secure a tank of petrol for one lucky person from Vertigo Petroleum Wholesalers. 

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Contact Avin / Pravesh on 0870560408 or visit them: 700 Inanda Road, Newlands West, Durban

All you need to do is comment below and tell us what you would do to save petrol. T's and C's apply! 

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