WATCH: Would you do this if you got stopped with your booze at the airport?

WATCH: Would you do this if you got stopped with your booze at the airport?

Easy. Make it a reason for a party...

WATCH: What to do when you get stopped with your alcohol at the airport check-in?
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If you have travelled before you will know that when it comes to enforcing the rules, the airport does it best. Of course, it is for your own good because of safety and security protocols. 

But many times, travelers are in a fun and upbeat mood so of course, it is understandable when they forget about the safety protocols and pack bottles of liquor into their hand luggage. Let's just say, that airport security is rarely that understanding, and we are glad that they are good rule enforcers - someone's got to be.

Three women who were traveling had packed bottles of alcohol into their hand luggage - which is not allowed. Instead of throwing away their liquor, they decided to turn it into an act of kindness.

"In the video, posted by @latinnbellaa, one of the young women began drinking a bottle of Ciroc by herself, as another passes a bottle of pineapple Malibu rum down the line, offering shots to others waiting in line. It’s unclear which airport this incident took place at, but the women said they are from Miami." (Daily Dot)

WATCH the video below (courtesy of TikTok): 

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As much as we are not sure which airport this was, and that it may not exactly be acceptable at all airports, it certainly has a wonderful sentiment behind it. The act of girls sharing just kind of leaves us feeling like this is a win?

Sisterhood is such a beautiful thing and we rarely get to see it amongst strangers. So, we wanted to celebrate these girls and their sense of what it means to have fun - it really gets us in the holiday mood. 

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