WATCH: A sweet surprise video turns into a platform for a cheating debacle

WATCH: A sweet surprise video turns into a platform for a cheating debacle

When your relationship becomes the talk of the town and haters be hating...

WATCH: A sweet surprise video turns into a platform for a cheating debacle
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These days it doesn't take a lot to get TikTok or Insta famous. Post something that gets people talking and you are on your way to stardom. From personal videos to funny videos, the content lane is jam packed and ready for consumption...

But sometimes the response can be overwhelming, because what started off as you sharing a video, turns into people thinking they have an opinion on, well, everything in your life...

A girlfriend surprised her boyfriend at college and posted a video of the surprise on TikTok, and what was meant to be a sentimental and romantic gesture, turned into a conspiracy about the boyfriend being labeled as a cheater. 

The video has over 62-million views so far and we are certain that is the most views any video we have ever covered has received. But it's not because of the mushy moment shared, but rather others who have had experience in a cheating partner throwing mud on the video, saying that the boyfriend is cheating and the girlfriend is refusing to see all the red flags. 

WATCH the video below (courtesy of TikTok): 


robbie had no idea

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She did a response video to the comments that said that one of the people sitting next to the boyfriend, who has been given the name 'Couch Guy', handed him his phone in a shady way. 

Check out the response video below (courtesy of TikTok):


Reply to @jizzzlleeh love y’all 😘

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She even shared a video of her family talking about Robbie, her boyfriend aka 'Couch Guy', just to further shut down the hate against her boyfriend. 

The good news is that she not only gained followers because of this, which has pushed into creator-fund territory, but her boyfriend also shared his love for her by posting a video shutting down all the hate. Of course, with trolls it didn't go down well, because they just found another reason to throw hate, but bug thumbs up to him for trying...

Check out the video of her family below (courtesy of TikTok):


we love robbie 🤍

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