WATCH: Puppy recruited as a fielder for the Ireland cricket team

WATCH: Puppy recruited as a fielder for the Ireland cricket team

This cute puppy just made its debut...

WATCH: A puppy is being recruited as a fielder for the Ireland Cricket team...
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Life is not planned and organised all the time, it gets messy and you have to adapt to the obstacles that come your way. Whether that is in the form of forgetting your car keys or a puppy gatecrashing your cricket game...

We take what we get and make the best of it. There's no denying that we love watching cute puppy videos, but this one was orchestrated and purely shows off the kind of innocence and playfulness that dogs bring into our lives.  

It's not the first time we have seen an animal run across a live sporting game, and we hope it won't be the last. But we imagine it's a bit stressful when you are in a game where there's a lot of pressure on winning. 

We would hope that something like this would bring some light heartedness to the players though? We're not sure, everyone is different. This pup wanted to show off his skills at catch, and boy, oh, boy did he...

WATCH the video below (courtesy of Twitter):

On Saturday, 11 September, during a match-up between the Civil Service North of Ireland (CSNI) Cricket Club and the Bready Cricket Club, the two were facing off in the semi-final round of the women’s Clear Currency All-Ireland T20 Cup when the now-viral magical moment occurred.

This lovable puppy did what comes naturally and wanted to be a part of the fun and excitement on the field. The pup broke free from its caretaker and made his way onto the cricket ground to get the ball. 

"Dogs interrupting serious moments is a genre of internet video that will never get old. Thank you to Ireland Women's Cricket for blessing us all with this delightful clip, and for maintaining a good sense of humor toward this "small furry pitch invader."" (Mashable)

We love this video and as we have mentioned before, according to some research, watching cute animal videos can be really good for you. It can lower your stress levels - believe us, we've tried it out...

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