Level 4 lockdown: Gyms are closed - we hear from Carol Ofori's personal trainer

Level 4 lockdown: Gyms are closed - we hear from Carol Ofori's personal trainer

After the national address, aka our family meeting, we see the aftermath on many industries. Case in point - gyms are closing! 

South Africa is on LEVEL 4 lockdown: The Life of a Personal Trainer
Carol Ofori

We had our family meeting on Sunday night and the level 4 lockdown restrictions have definitely shaken things up for many of us. With the country is facing its highest numbers yet, we are all feeling a little (to be subtle) uneasy about the way forward. 

But what about those of us who have been shut down completely. For instance, what happens to those from the restaurant industry and the gym world?

Carol Ofori shared her concern for her personal trainer, Julia Marembo


, this morning as we heard that gyms would be closing. Going to the gym is a must for many people, it's not just a physical thing, it's as much a mental and emotional thing as well. 

Gyms are now closed, so what does that mean for personal trainers? So we decided to touch base with Carol's trainer, Jules. She gave us some insight into what life is like during lockdown. In chatting with her, we are hoping that this can allow all of you going through tough times to know that there is always hope and a way around things. 

With many fitness establishments left out in the cold, they have had to become innovative and change the way they practice their businesses. 

However, moving things online and becoming more creative when it comes to exercising can be tricky, as many people feed of the physical contact that training offers and it can be so motivational when someone is there pushing you to be your best. 

LISTEN to Jules chat about what it's been like and she shares some motivating words...

If you would like to get in touch with Jules, then you can contact her on her Instagram account - Julia Marembo or you can call her on 0789448048.

Image Courtesy of Carol Ofori 

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