Influx of job opportunities in SA? China plans high-speed JHB-DBN railway

Influx of job opportunities in SA? China plans high-speed JHB-DBN railway

Sounds intriguing...

Highspeed train with passengers
Highspeed train with passengers/Unsplash Website

As we try to pick the pieces up as a community, we are reminded of the partnership between China and South Africa and their mission in creating more job opportunities. 

Now we can firmly say that it's certainly something we openly welcome - more job opportunities, that is. 

It is quite exciting to hear about the plans to build a high-speed railway running from Johannesburg to Durban. 

It is also delightful news for the Oforis, as they would be able to easily visit family more often. This too for many other families in both the City of Gold and our coastal gem. 

"Funding – for what could be the biggest ever investment in a single transport project in South Africa, dwarfing the likes of the Gautrain – would be a stumbling block, everyone agreed, but various Chinese companies appeared ready to provide vendor and project finance." (Business Insider)

It has even been mentioned by Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula that there is much feasibility in this plan, as it will benefit both commuters as well as the freight industry. 

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However, it is not good for us to get our hopes up. 

The mere fact that this plan has been in 'talks' for around a decade says a lot about whether or not it will come to light...

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