‘Lock ‘n Load’ – East Coast Radio makes primetime radio accessible to small businesses

‘Lock ‘n Load’ – East Coast Radio makes primetime radio accessible to small businesses

East Coast Radio is giving the small business community a major boost during COVID-19 Lockdown in the form of primetime radio packages at lockdown prices.

Lock n Load

We have seen the devastating impact the lockdown has had on small local business -– and we want to play our part to help you!

As the lockdown restrictions ease, many of you have reopened or are reopening your doors to get your businesses back on track.

ECR has launched a real-time online buying platform called, ‘Lock ‘n Load’, to help you get access to valuable radio airtime at a time when you need it most.

The platform is tailored-made to ensure small businesses get the best exposure possible at an affordable price, in the most efficient and streamlined manner.

Your business is now a few clicks away from accessing thousands of listeners on primetime radio.  

Within three hours of starting the process, you will hear your radio ad being read live on air by some of East Coast Radio’s favourite presenters.

Take advantage NOW of this offer; ‘Lock ‘n Load’ deals will be available to small businesses for the lockdown period or at least for the next three months.

Here’s a look at how it works:

-       Visit www.ecr.co.za, click on ‘the Lock and Load” banner

-       Select the time slot and the number of spots you would like to purchase across the day or week, add to your cart and check out.

ECR will call you soon after that, and after following a simple process, the advert will be on radio within three hours, immediately giving your business the exposure you need to stay top of mind with our listeners. 

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