Less than 30% of South Africans feel SA will be better

Less than 30% of South Africans feel SA will be better

According to a recent election poll, the percentage of people who feel their future will be better in South Africa is below 30%. 

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In the survey by Mark Data and eNCA, 24% of the more than 3,000 respondents interviewed said they felt their future would be better, 38% felt nothing would change, and 35% believed it would get worse. 

Election analyst Wayne Sussman co-presented the results.

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"When you compare that with ‘will be better’ which was 24%, that is an 11% gap. That is very worrying, that so many of the respondents in the eNCA Mark Data survey felt that South Africa's trajectory will either continue on its current path or that things are going to get worse.

"For instance, there was great concern about load shedding, water-shedding, infrastructure decay, joblessness - we know that we have the highest youth unemployment rates in the world. All these things are featured in our survey."  

The survey was done between the 19th of April and 6th of May in the rural and urban areas.

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