'Leaders should have sense of accountability, remorse'

'Leaders should have sense of accountability, remorse'

President Jacob Zuma returns to the Zondo Commission of Inquiry after dropping several explosive bombshells yesterday.   

Jacob Zuma at Zondo commission

A political analyst says we'll have to wait and see if the former president acknowledges the corrupt activities that took place under his watch.  

Somadoda Fikeni says he failed to realise the damage his relationship with the infamous Gupta family's caused to the country.

"Even if you were not directly responsible for certain things, as a leader, you tend to have a sense of accountability and remorse to say so much damage happened under my watch. To him, he seems to continue believing that nothing is wrong," Fikeni said. 

The former president says there's been a character assassination plot out for him since the 90s.  

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Zuma says he saw nothing wrong with his relationship with the Gupta family and that everything they did was lawful. 

Fikeni says reports including one from the Public Protector says otherwise.

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