Judge in Omotosi trial recuses himself

Judge in Omotosi trial recuses himself

Judge Mandela Makaula has officially recused himself from the human trafficking trial involving Nigerian Pastor Timothy Omotoso and his two co-accused.

Timothy Omotoso

In court this morning, Judge Makaula set the record straight and said his decision to recuse himself did not relate to his reported ownership of a guesthouse, through a company, where certain of the state witnesses in the trial had been accommodated.

Giving his reasons in court this morning, Makaula firstly set the record straight that he does not own the establishment where the state witnesses were accommodated - as reported in the media. 

He says his wife owns the guest house and he has no financial interest or interest in the state of affairs at the establishment. He said that there were no legal grounds or an application was not lodged by the defence for him to recuse himself.

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He did so in the interest of justice.  

The case will now start afresh on July 30 with a new judge presiding over the matter.

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