Grades 7 and 12 return to school today

Grades 7 and 12 return to school today

Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga says 95% of schools in the country have received their essential COVID-19 items - and are ready to welcome pupils back Monday. 

Angie Motshekga 8 June

Learners in Grades 12 and 7 are returning to class after learning from home for more than two months, due to the coronavirus lockdown. 

Motshekga addressed the nation on Sunday on the safety and their readiness to reopen schools. 

She says schools that aren't COVID-19 compliant will be prioritised to ensure that pupils and staff are kept safe. 

"No child will be left behind. We have made alternative plans for some of the schools that we have declared unfit to operate while we are sorting them out. So for the remaining 5% of learners, alternative measures have been developed."

Motshekga says online learning will continue. 

"The teaching and learning programmes provided online will continue, and parents who are uneasy to send their children back to school must follow the law to ensure that their children's right to basic education is unhindered."

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Motshekga says they've worked with the Transport Department to make sure that school transport operators practise safe social distancing. 

"We are cooperating with the Department of Transport to ensure that learner transport provided, does meet the health, safety and social distancing measures and requirements on COVID-19. This will include scholar transport for learners with special education needs."

The Minister says teachers and support staff will need to prepare for a new way of doing things.

"In return, the teachers should induct, orientate and counsel the learners, who have already arrived at the schools, to deal with the new COVID-19 environments. 

"Processes related to independent schools, small schools and schools for learners with special education needs, should be managed with the representatives of these sectors."

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