The first Democratic debate

The first Democratic debate

Five presidential candidates, including former secretary of state Hilary Clinton have gone head-to-head in a debate for next year's US presidential campaign. 

Democratic debate
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Moderated by CNN's Anderson Cooper, Clinton stood amongst the front-runners for the Democratic Party in the two-hour discussion in Las Vegas.  

Clinton, who said Americans shouldn't vote for her based on her second name, has taken part in more than 20 debates in the 2008 White House race. 

Clinton responded to questions on political U-turns - she's recently changed her stance on gay marriage; gun control and military intervention in the Middle East - she's called for a no-fly zone in Syria.  

Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont has appealed to the party's left wing, urging action on climate change and attacking Wall Street.

Clinton still leads nationally, but she trails Sanders by nearly 10 points in New Hampshire and holds only a modest lead in Iowa. 

Both are key early-voting states in the nomination process, setting momentum for the rest of the primary race.

See highlights from the debate below. 

Clinton responds to whether Senator Sanders is tough enough on gun control.

Senator Sanders on the safety of black Americans.

Hilary Clinton's email controversy. 

Clinton on legalising marijuana. 

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