Domestic abuse survivor urges others to speak out about their abuse

Domestic abuse survivor urges others to speak out about their abuse

As the country continues to mark 16 Days of Activism of No Violence Against Women and Children - a domestic abuse survivor is encouraging others not to be afraid to leave abusive relationships - or to be made to feel that they have done something wrong.

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"I was unconscious for like almost over a day. Eventually when I did manage to get out, I left with just the clothes on my back, with zero cents in my bank account because he had my bank card, because he used to withdraw all the money," she said. 

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The Durban woman - who does not want to be named - says she had two of her ribs fractured and her nose broken by her policeman ex-husband.

She says his physical abuse has also left her with a torn eardrum and a basal skull fracture.

The woman says she has a protection order against the warrant officer, and there's also a warrant of arrest out for him.

"I didn't feel safe. Right up until now I don't really feel safe. If he saw me on the road, driving on the road, he would follow me and drive really fast behind me and try to run me off the road," she said.  

She is planning on moving into the St Michael's Women's Centre in Sydenham - which assists single abused mothers.

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