DA: Zille's apartheid tweets 'uncalled for'

DA: Zille's apartheid tweets 'uncalled for'

A senior Democratic Alliance (DA) member is adamant that Helen Zille continues to undermine the blood spilt and the lives lost in the attainment of freedom and democracy. 

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Zille, this week, rubbed many South Africans up the wrong way when she once again put out tweets, this time, claiming that former apartheid president FW De Klerk was the one who decided to dismantle the apartheid regime. 

She also tweeted that South Africa now has more racial laws compared to the apartheid era.

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Gauteng provincial legislature member, Khume Ramulifho is the one of those who laid a formal complaint against Zille.

"We've got families who don't even know where their families are because they didn't bury them. They don't know if they are still alive or they died. 

"We have people who died, who were shot and killed because of the brutal apartheid system. 

"To simply praise such a system, we believe that it is uncalled for and that doesn't even assist us as a party going forward where we embrace all South Africans along racial lines."

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