DA says govt should re-inforce cost-saving measures

DA says govt should re-inforce cost-saving measures

The DA says government's ability to save only R1,85 billion on non-essentials over an entire five-yearperiod is a missed opportunity to show its seriousness about cost cutting. 

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The party says a parliamentary reply shows between the 2013/14 to 2017/18 period - both national and provincial government departments spent a staggering R109 billion on non-critical items such as travel, catering and events - while only cutting down by just over a billion rand. 

The DA's David Maynier says government has talked the talk but failed to walk the walk.

"Although cost containment measures send the right fiscal signals - they have been ineffective at significantly cutting spending. 

"That is why I will be writing to the chairperson of the Standing Committee on Appropriation - requesting her to schedule a hearing on how we can improve the implementation of cost-containment measures on all departments, constitutional and public entities in South Africa," he said. 

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