Amnesty International SA urges govt to uphold rule of law

Amnesty International SA urges govt to uphold rule of law

Amnesty International South Africa says last week's riots are a reminder that government needs to always protect the rule of law and human rights in honour of Nelson Mandela's legacy. 

This aerial view taken on July 15, 2021, shows fire gutted at the Game store in Queen Nandi Drive in Durban. The businesses were hit by looters on July 13, despite the troops President Cyril Ramaphosa deployed to try to quell unrest. As pillaging erupted

It says the unrest has undermined the rule of law and violated the human rights of many, like the right to life, health, food and freedom of movement. 

In a Mandela Day message, executive director Shenilla Mohamed said government has a duty to ensure that everything Madiba fought for does not go up in flames.

“Human rights are the cornerstone of South Africa’s Constitution. The government must respect, protect, promote and fulfil these rights. Authorities must honour the legacy of former president Nelson Mandela by ensuring that everything he fought and stood for does not go up in smoke.

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“It is important that the situation is brought under control and the process of rebuilding and healing begins to take place. The government needs to ensure that everyone is safe, that their human rights are protected, and the rule of law is effectively upheld. 

"Shortly after he walked free from prison in 1990, Nelson Mandela said, ‘To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity’. We remember this today as his legacy is remembered not only in South Africa but around the world."

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