Pics: Is Justin Timberlake cheating? Social media thinks so...

Pics: Is Justin Timberlake cheating? Social media thinks so...

Justin Timberlake was pictured holding hands with a female co-star and all hell broke loose on social media.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel/ Instagram

Is 'Mr SexyBack' Justin Timberlake getting his sexy back with someone other than his wife, Jessica Biel?

The singer is making headlines all over the world after pictures of him hanging out with actress Alisha Wainwright went viral. 

The pair are seen briefly holding hands at a bar in New Orleans. Alisha, who most recently starred in Netflix's 'Raising Dion', rested her hand on Justin's knee at one point. 

The actors are in town to shoot scenes for their new movie, 'Palmer'. Several cast members were also spotted at the bar. 

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The images led to a lot of speculation on Twitter, with many people accusing Justin of cheating. 

But according to some Twitter users, the pictures were taken out of context and a video from the night proves their incident was completely innocent. 

The internet is "shook", nonetheless. 

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