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Candice Swanepoel's public breastfeeding pic causes stir for weird reason

This picture of Candice Swanepoel breastfeeding in public has caused a stir for the weirdest reason.

Candice Swanepoel breastfeeding in public

Candice Swanepoel is a big breastfeeding in public advocate, so it comes as no surprise that she was pictured nursing her son Anacã during a recent Vogue fashion shoot in Brazil.

The 28-year-old is seen walking around the set in a black designer dress while her naked son nurses. 

She seems oblivious to the crew around her, and proudly goes about her mommy business. 

Many applauded the Victoria's Secret model for doing her bit to normalise breastfeeding in public.

But some women are more interested in why her five-month-old son was naked at the time!

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Some speculated that the entire thing was staged for publicity, while others tried to figure out her reasons for walking around with her son naked. 

"Why is the baby naked? Nothing like a little baby poop to ruin your couture gown," one Facebook user questioned. 

Another added: "That naked baby has me questioning her motives ... no way would I breastfeed my 'naked' baby!"

Most women came to the South African model's defense, saying there is nothing unnatural about the images.

"I breastfed my baby while he was naked I was also topless it's a bond you feel when you have that closeness the skin to skin . Some babies prefer to be naked when eating it calms them for whatever reason why he's naked is not our concern the fact that the picture is posted public is . She is bring awareness regardless if your son is naked or not," one mom commented. 

Another woman added: "The real issue is that a group of moms is sitting here tearing her down because the baby is naked and questioning his age and saying it is staged.... why?...For no real reason. It's sad and pathetic. Who cares. She works she breast feeds and her baby is healthy and happy go mama. Y'all some spiteful ladies.."

The picture that started the drama.

But it seems Candice is not bothered by all the criticism, because she was pictured once again breastfeeding her naked son on the beach a week ago!  

Her message about public breastfeeding shortly after giving birth. 

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