Bruce Springsteen’s manager defends R84k ticket prices

Bruce Springsteen’s manager defends R84k ticket prices

Tickets for Bruce Springsteen’s upcoming tour went on sale this month, but the prices left some of the 72-year-old's fans in shock.

Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen/ YouTube (Bruce Springsteen)

Bruce Springsteen and his team are receiving major flak after tickets for his upcoming tour went on sale. The 72-year-old will embark on a world tour with The E Street Band in 2023.

The tour will kick off in the US in February. 

Fans eager to get their hands on tickets were shocked to find that floor tickets were selling for up to $4,000 and $5,000 on Ticketmaster.

Floor ticket prices, which are in the platinum range, cost between R24,000 and R84,000. Ticketmaster says 88% of the tickets sold so far ranged from $60 to $400 before fees. The average ticket prices were $200 (R3,400)

Ticketmaster says only 11.2% of the tickets sold were "platinum tickets" - with the price being determined by its supply-and-demand pricing system. 

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Despite the backlash, tickets for the Grammy Award winner's shows are selling fast. 

According to the rock star's manager, prices are on par with what other artists of his caliber are charging. 

"In pricing tickets for this tour, we looked carefully at what our peers have been doing. We chose prices that are lower than some and on par with others," Jon Landau told the New York Times

Jon added that the average ticket price is fair. 

"Regardless of the commentary about a modest number of tickets costing $1,000 or more, our true average ticket price has been in the mid-$200 range. I believe that in today’s environment, that is a fair price to see someone universally regarded as among the very greatest artists of his generation.”

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