Social distancing on the plane & gym contract disputes: KZN asks Wendy Knowler

Social distancing on the plane & gym contract disputes: KZN asks Wendy Knowler

Is it legal for airplane companies to have flights packed to capacity? What do you do if you want to terminate your gym contract because you do not feel safe? How do you deal with event organisers refusing to pay back your breakage deposit? KZN asks Wendy Knowler for her consumer advice.


Consumer journalist Wendy Knowler has been on a mission, calling airplane companies to inquire about their social distancing regulations. 

According to her research, airplane companies are not obligated to leave the middle seats empty during flights at this time of COVID-19. When a question was asked by Keri Miller about social distancing, Wendy explained that it is only the last aisles on planes that are left vacant in case a passenger falls ill.

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On this week's podcast, Wendy Knowler also gave her expert insight on an issue about a gym not allowing members to  terminate their contracts because they do not feel safe, a newlywed who has been ghosted by her organiser for demanding her breakage deposit back, as well a caller who needs assistance with their water and electricity bill.  

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