Road Accidents - what’s driving them? Wendy Knowler wades in

Road Accidents - what’s driving them? Wendy Knowler wades in

So what category of vehicles are involved in the most serious accidents on South African roads? If you said minibus taxis, you’d be wrong...

Two rescue professionals evaluating car accident

The answer, shared by Wendy Knowler in today’s Consumerwatch, will probably surprise you. A renowned, Durban-based forensic accident investigator has shared his findings and road safety suggestions after analysing more than 650 accident scenes between 2009 and 2016.

In a nutshell, the largest proportion of accidents were caused by human factors - such as overtaking on a blind rise or in a curve - and the most driver deaths involved head-on or partial head-on collisions of passenger cars or light delivery vehicles (LDVs), travelling in the opposite direction on freeways in KZN, Gauteng, and the Eastern Cape.

Here’s a link to the full report.


If your phone was stolen - snatched from your restaurant table, because we do like to sit outside in these times - or lifted from your pocket or handbag, who would you call the moment you knew it was in criminal hands? Most people would say their cellphone company. If you have a bank app on your phone, you need to have a solid plan in place to protect your account.

Wendy Knowler shares the details on today’s Consumerwatch.

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